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The Capital Towers being the large complex that it is there is more than enough room for as many amenities that can be entered to the residency books. Nothing needs to be squeezed in here.

Green Garden Centered Sanctuaries

By way of a prominent landscaped garden, a sanctuary awaits those who seek peace and tranquility and solace in communing with nature. This is normally quite difficult to achieve in a heavily congested city, but here it is. 

The Full Spectrum of Amenities

The list is endless – a place where business meets, a hall pass, tracks for fitness enthusiasts, a gym too, space for the children to play, and all the help you need within a central administrative location – so just some of these are highlighted here.

Health and wellness taken care of – To help folks in this mission, a jogging track has been installed within the complex. It is accompanied by the gym, fitness center and swimming pool.

Taking care of the children – There is day care for those adults who need to work or need time for themselves. Also, the children have their own pool to frolic in. And their day would not be complete without a few activities in their own playroom.

Wellness means being supported – Folks can do much to improve their health and wellness outcomes. Investing in a Towers apartment is one of a number of things they can always do to improve their lifestyle outcomes. But what makes it complete is the support structures. To this end, all concerns can be raised at the complex’s admin office and a support team is standing by to attend to required maintenance when needed.

Focusing on safety and security

Particularly when living and working in a densely populated Philippines city, safety and security is always on the lips on those discerning men and women looking for a good investment to call home. The Capital Towers has installed the apparatus that ensures residents can sleep peacefully at night.  Security is around the clock, twenty four seven. But keeping things safe goes beyond preventing unwanted break-ins.

It ensures that there are enough mechanisms in place in the event of a fire. To this end, both the installed alarm systems and sprinkler systems are fully automated. There is also a heat and smoke detecting system in place. And just in case external factors should cause the power to drop, a backup facility is in place for both residential units and communal gathering points.

  • Landscaped podium garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Reflecting pool and water features
  • Business Center
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Jogging path
  • Fitness Center/ Gym
  • Daycare/ Children's area
  • Ground Level Commercial Are
  • Air-conditioned main lobby
  • Two (2) Passenger Elevators
  • One (1) Service Elevator
  • Administrative Office
  • Fully-automated sprinkler and heat/smoke detector system
  • Fully-automated fire alarm system
  • 100% back-up power for common areas
  • 30% back-up power for residential units
  • Centralized garbage disposal system
  • 24-hour security
  • Reliable building maintenance
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