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Low to middle income Filipinos are still finding it quite difficult to purchase accommodation that is affordable to them. While it is remotely possible to purchase small properties in areas familiar to them, the thought of luxury appointments never entered their mind. That is not how the young and progressive folks see it. They look for opportunities. And if they persist, those opportunities arrive. They are also pragmatic.

This means that for the time being, they will be availing themselves of renting or leasing options until such time they are able to step up a gear financially. The Capital Towers offers them that opportunity. But what it also does is offer the opportunity to purchase units at prices that are manageable to them. Federal Land has appointed representatives standing by to talk about a tailor made package that is favorable.

So, why rent when you can buy. And if you are not quite there yet, there is always leeway. Alternatively, you can rent to buy your own luxurious apartment at The Capital Towers in Quezon City on the outskirts of the bustling Metro Manila, your nation’s capital. And if you are just visiting and looking in, you have a foot in the door what with rates of exchange being in your favor.

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